How an international elite is taking over and destroying Europe, America and the World

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The truth that the Money Power, politicians and the media don’t want you to know!



The Milner Group and the Fabian Society are two related organizations set up in the late 1800s by banking and industrial interests for the purpose of subverting the existing order and establishing a Socialist World Government controlled by themselves.


The Milner-Fabian Conspiracy documents the historical background, creation, development, interaction and global impact of the two organizations and their international network of power and influence.


The book also shows that the above interests have been the string-pullers behind major events like the Russian Communist Revolution and the two World Wars as well as behind international front organizations like the Council on Foreign Relations and its sister organization Chatham House (RIIA), the United Nations, the European Union and the Mediterranean Union.


The same interests have also been the puppeteers behind world leaders from Winston Churchill and Clement Attlee to F D Roosevelt, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and many others.


In their drive for world domination, these interests together with their representatives and collaborators have falsely claimed to be motivated by a concern for the “public good,” constructing a global network of “philanthropic” foundations and endowments in support of their claim. In reality, all organizations established by them stand exposed as instruments of mass propaganda, manipulation and control, while the policies they are promoting such as mass immigration, multiculturalism, racial diversity and Islamization have had a catastrophic impact on the world including mass unemployment, poverty, loss of cultural and ethnic identity, environmental destruction and cultural, racial and religious conflict on an unprecedented scale.


The author is an independent historian and researcher. His first-hand experience of Socialist rule in Eastern Europe and extensive research carried out in the West have provided him with an invaluable insight not only into the connections between international money interests and former Socialist regimes, but also between those interests and the revival of Socialism in the region. As his exposé shows, this revival is part of worldwide developments leading to a Socialist World Order in the service of a self-seeking elite.







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Ch 1    Socialism


Ch 2    The Fabian Conspiracy


Ch 3    The Labour Party


Ch 4    The Council on Foreign Relations


Ch 5    Chatham House (RIIA)  


Ch 6    The UN Scam


Ch 7    The EU Scam


Ch 8    Immigration


Ch 9    Multiculturalism


Ch 10   Islamization







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“I was very impressed by your book … I read with great interest your description of the EU and UN …”


                - Bat Ye’or, author of Eurabia and Europe, Globalization and the Coming Universal Caliphate



“Explosive, iconoclastic, revolutionary … an essential handbook not only for those who want to know what is happening to our world and why, but also for those who want to put democracy back into the system and steer western society away from a self-destructive course”


                - Amazon customer






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