How an international elite is taking over and destroying Europe, America and the World





The phenomenon of mass immigration into Europe is not an accidental occurrence. It has been promoted by political leaders acting on behalf of financial and industrial interests looking to hire cheap labor.

Moreover, the systematic promotion of mass immigration suggests a deliberate plan to replace Europe’s indigenous population with non-Europeans.

Race-relations legislation has been used to give more and more rights to immigrants while increasingly limiting the rights of indigenous Europeans. Left-wing political parties and associated race-relations organizations have used anti-colonial ideologies to shift the balance of power in favour of non-European people.

Indigenous Europeans protesting against mass immigration are branded as “racist,” arrested and jailed by pro-immigrant authorities.

The media, entertainment and advertising industries, which are owned and controlled by the international money power, are systematically promoting mixed-race couples as a desired ideal and mixed-race people as “superior” to whites.

The promotion of non-white causes goes back to organizations set up in the early 1900s by Carnegie, Rockefeller, Ford and associated left-wing interests seeking to reconstruct Western society along Socialist lines.

The same interests have been backing Barack Obama’s presidency, mass immigration from Latin America and other non-white areas, and the creation of multiracial societies at the expense of America’s white population.

As a result of the above policies, the world’s white population is rapidly declining with official studies predicting that whites will become a minority everywhere within 50 years.




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