How an international elite is taking over and destroying Europe, America and the World




The Labour Party

The British Labour Party was established in the early 1900s ostensibly to represent the interests of the working class. In reality, it was created and controlled by the Fabian Society, an organization with links to international money interests like Rothschild, Astor, Carnegie and Rockefeller, whose obvious objective was to manipulate and control the working class for its own agenda.

Like its parent organization, the Labour Party is a Socialist outfit whose true objective is to establish a Socialist world government in the service of the international financial clique who created it.

The Labour Party’s anti-working class agenda is incontrovertibly evidenced by its systematic promotion of mass immigration, a policy resulting in low wages, high housing and living costs, and rising unemployment. The same Labour Party that once claimed to be “against the landlord and the capitalist,” is now promoting the very same interests it ostensibly opposes.

The fraudulence of Labour Party policies is further evidenced by the Labour Government’s involvement in various military conflicts on fabricated pretexts, for example, “genocide” in Kosovo and “weapons of mass destruction threatening Britain” in Iraq. Far from advancing the interests of the British working class, the wars served the interests of the international money power seeking to seize control of natural resources (gold and other mineral deposits in Kosovo, oil in Iraq). 

As admitted by Labour leaders, Labour policies like massive borrowing have resulted in a boom-and-bust economy and the banking crisis which has affected the lives of millions of British people – all of which exposes the Labour Party as an organization representing financial interests aiming to manipulate and control the economy for their own agenda.

The Labour Party continues to be controlled by the Fabian Society whose members have served as Prime Ministers in all Labour governments. Unsurprisingly, like the Fabian Society, the Labour Party has been responsible for the systematic destruction of British society and culture through state-sponsored anti-family policies, mass immigration, multiculturalism and Islamization.




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