How an international elite is taking over and destroying Europe, America and the World





Multiculturalism or cultural diversity was initiated in the early 1900s by members of the Milner Group as a tool for imposing its imperial agenda on territories under its domination or influence.

Organizations associated with the Milner Group, such as the Fabian Society and the Anglo-American secret services later introduced multiculturalism into Britain and the rest of Europe.

Multiculturalism was subsequently made into a state-imposed policy by politicians with links to the above organizations and their financial backers.

Claims to the effect that multiculturalism makes a society “richer,” “better,” “more successful,” etc., are exposed as logically and historically baseless. The Roman Empire, which is given by some as a model of multicultural society was a predatory and oppressive entity based on slavery which eventually collapsed precisely as a result of the multiculturalism on which it had initially thrived.

Multiculturalism inevitably works in favour of that culture within it which succeeds to impose itself on the others. As currently that culture is Islam, multiculturalism leads to the Islamization of Western society.

The Left which believes in social conflict or class struggle as a means of imposing its divide-and-rule strategy, has abandoned the indigenous European working class in favour of Muslim immigrants who are gradually becoming the ruling class. 




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