How an international elite is taking over and destroying Europe, America and the World




Socialism or the transition from
democracy to dictatorship

The critical study of the origins of Socialism exposes it as a fraudulent system devised by Liberal Capitalist elements in the 19th century to cover up the social and economic ills of the time such as industrialization, mass exploitation, unemployment and poverty; to concentrate financial, economic and political power in their own hands; and to manipulate labor movements for their own ends.

Key Socialist ideologists like Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels were connected to industrial and banking interests and had very little to do with working-class people or their interests.

Karl Marx was a journalist employed by industrialists and bankers and supported by his friend and collaborator Engels, a wealthy textile magnate. Marx plagiarized the works of earlier writers, including of other Socialists, to construct a fraudulent ideology based on the unsubstantiated myth of a future utopian society run on Socialist (that is, Marxian) lines, while promoting centralization of finance, economy and politics in the interests of the above industrial and banking interests.

Marx’s supposedly “scientific” teachings including his theories of class struggle, dictatorship of the proletariat, classless society and market-less economy fail to stand to closer scrutiny and were exposed early on not only as nonsense but as conducive to conflict and violence.

Indeed, dictatorship, oppression and state-terror have been some of the central features of Socialist regimes, in particular, in Russia, China and Eastern Europe where state authorities carried out systematic mass killings and genocide. But even in Western Europe, there has been a tendency for Socialist parties to strive for one-party rule and more subtle, but equally efficient, forms of repressive government in which the State acquires more and more powers while citizens have fewer and fewer  freedoms and rights.

A key aim of Socialism is the establishment of an authoritarian world government. Socialists, their liberal collaborators and their like-minded financial backers have played leading roles in the creation of un-democratic institutions and organizations like the United Nations, the European Union and the Mediterranean Union, and have been instrumental in the systematic subversion and destruction of Western society through state-imposed mass immigration, multiculturalism and Islamization.




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